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Blessing November: Astrology Meets Meditation New Moon in Scorpio Meditation

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

November 8, 2020/ Isa Danser

New Moon in Scorpio, 23°17’

November 15, 2020

@ 9:07 p.m. PST

Sun 23 Degrees 17’ minutes

Moon 23 Degrees 17’ minutes

Mercury 5 Degrees 06’ minutes

Uranus Opposition Mercury 2 Degrees 59’ minutes

Neptune Trines The Sun & Moon 5 Degrees 4’ minutes

Venus Squares Jupiter 1 Degree 04’ minutes

Venus Squares Saturn 4 Degrees 56 minutes

Venus Squares Pluto 0 Degrees 44’ minutes

Strongest Element of the Day: Water


Meditation can be practiced for many reasons. Peace of mind, relaxation, focus, and improved self esteem to name a few. Meditation should be done everyday and be a part of your daily life. I’ve been studying astrology and various esoterics for years. These subjects can be used to understand self, divine, creation, ancestral evolution and more.

For this topic, aligning the current day’s astrology with your meditation can prove more powerful for your goals. For example, our fingers are assigned a planetary association. The hands can make a shape or symbol known as mudras. These mudras are done to stimulate a part of the physical body that helps you to focus your mind during your meditation.

On the New Moon in Scorpio happening on Sunday, November 15, 2020, Mercury squares the midheaven astrology, known as Mid Coeli (MC) in Latin meaning “Middle of the Sky.” The MC is the 10th House in astrology and it represents the House of Career, Reputation and our Highest Aspirations. Even though a square means tension, we’re taking action to infuse a positive reaction to whatever we need to learn in this New Moon cycle. (See my other post: Aspects in Astrology for Meditation) Using a daily astrology chart you can find a daily aspect that suits your needs or use the most powerful aspect for that day. Either way, you’re cosmically connected for the best results.

On this upcoming New Moon, you can practice one or two meditations. The first I would suggest is one for Communication and the second for Prosperity and or Success. You would have to choose your form of yoga and meditation tradition. The reason I said yoga and meditation, is to explain in layman terms, that the yoga in this case, would be the physical moment and the meditation would be the still practice. It would be ideal to give the physical body some movement to help stimulate the mind with endorphins for a happier or positive state of mind before your meditation.

On the day of the New Moon, I like to know when the High Peak of the Moon is and start my practice about 10 minutes before that time. If the High Peak of the New Moon or Full Moon isn’t at a reasonable time, like 2:00 a.m. and I would need to be asleep for the next day, then I would practice that night and set my intentions for that time. There is further information that I provide during my training classes. This is to provide you a direction and the basic information you need to get you started.

You can practice 1 or 2 meditations on the High Moon days (New Moon and Full Moon). My 2 suggested types of meditation are based on the planets next to the Moon or in a good aspect to the Moon. Also consider the planet being in Direct Motion which is auspicious rather than in retrograde. Retrograde would be a different practice for another conversation.

Let’s talk about some meditations that would be good for this coming New Moon. A meditation for better or clearer communication (Mercury) then an auspicious meditation for success and prosperity (Jupiter). It’s optional for you to use mantras or mudras. Since this is my first moon meditation blog, I want to sprinkle in as much useful information as I can. Sitting in Lotus Pose is good but isn’t required if your body needs modification. The Lotus Pose for the legs is the lower body’s mudras. It holds the energy you're building up in your body. You can sit kneeling, in a chair or cushion and cross your ankles to modify the Lotus pose.

Finding a Yoga tradition that has a used practice will be up to you too find. It’s important for me to state again and in more detail, a person should have a daily practice even if it’s 3 minutes out of your day. Focus and discipline your mind, body and spirit. To keep balanced and feel a sense that the technique is working, all depend on your daily mind and attitude. If you only meditate when you feel you need to, it’s like calling on a person only when you need their help. There’s no relationship there. You’ll need to foster this powerful essence within yourself daily even if it’s a short mindful meditation when you wake up and before falling asleep. The New Moon is the perfect day to start your meditation practice as it’s the start of the moon cycle and in the old calendar it was the start of the month. It’s also an old belief that it’s lucky to start any practice on the New Moon as it ensures the successful continuation of that action. Good Luck and I hope to see you online with me for classes and workshops.

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