Taurus New Moon To Clear The Way

New Moon in Taurus

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

11:59 a.m. High Peak pst

21 17’ minutes

The moon is in our 10th house of career, longevity, goals. It’s a great time to create a new you and how you truly want to be moving forward this year and how you’re seen by others. Many of us will have to claw our way out of the emotional energy of April’s Full Moon in Scorpio which brought up lots of deep feelings that turned many experiences upside down. Time to shake off that past and set grounding affirmations. Reset time for our higher goals, pleasure, and shift the focus to what’s needed now. A good new moon to set goals on love, money and your pleasure needs. A practical approach will put all signs on the correct path to finish up this year the way you desire.

Mars sextile Uranus is passionate, inspiring and harmonious. Uranus is determined to follow through on the goal stated and Mars is passionate right by your side. Use this energy in the most positive way to build a strong structure whether it’s within yourself for confidence or within your relationship. The combination of this aspect used in the best way cements a solid, winning and lasting structure. This aspect will give fast results to what you choose to work on.

It’s also important to get yourself organized, outlined and done before Mercury goes retrograde May 29th 2021.

Leos in the ascending and 12 house of psychic abilities and dreams will have the good luck fortuna goddess. Great time to connect to Leo