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March Libra Full Moon Home Is Where The Heart Is

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Full Moon in Libra

Sunday, March 28th 2021

8° 18

18 minutes

Happy Full Moon in Libra!!!

If you're asking what can I do on this Full Moon?

You're asking the question in a less powerful way. Instead ask, what do I need to do this Full Moon base on the current astrology? ...and does any of the placements align with my birth chart?

The power of the Full Moon is the house and sign the moon is in. This give us an idea of what we may expeience in our own lives and see happen in others.

The Full Moon in Libra is in the 4th house of Cancer.

The 4th house ask us to take a deeper look at issues with the home, family, self-care, the foundation and our roots. By the time the full moon comes around these issues have already manifested into full display in your private life or in someone else's life and has become public or known.

The 4th house opposite houses the 10th house in the 10th house is known as the public house or the house of careers where the MC is.

Even though Cancer's 4th house is more private as it governs home and family issues, Capricorn's 10th house is more public and on display.

The need will be to take the time to strengthen your home's structure. The home is where private matters take place. Private time is needed to review and recharge self and heal family issues. Use this time to create or reinforce meaning and nurturing environment at home.

The Moon is at home in the 4th house as it's the planet that governs the water sign Cancer. Cancer is the sign of home and feelings.This energy can make our emotions stronger to protect our home and with the firey Aries opposite in the 10th house, we'll feel extra protective. Chiron and Venus can encourage us to find a flowing circle of healing and love. Libra is an air sign and ruled by the planet Venus. Libra seeks balance and harmony in all areas of life.

Both these signs (Libra and Cancer) energies should be directed towards what the needs are at home.

Both signs are Cardinal signs which takes place when the season's temperatures change. We can interpret this as a time to re-evaluate ourselves on a personal level, looking within and also what we need within the home.

Even the Latin meaning of the word cardinal means "important".

We'd also like to consider what's happening in the opposing house which is the 10th house. The Sun, Chiron and Venus is in Aries.

The 4th House:

Libra in the 4th house will be Libra in the 4th house will care passionately about how the house looks and feels. Their main focus is to bring harmony balance in peace to the home.

The 10th House:

Aries in the 10th house is a great opportunity to build-up your self-esteem in response to people being jealous and or verbally negative towards your ambition and work needs.

With Chiron in the 10th house it can bring about the energy of lack of ambition in achieving one success in life so be mindful of your self talk.

Chiron in Aries will bring up false thought of self doubt and core issues. Daily affirmations to filled up self confidence is needed.

Venus in Aries in the 10th house in powers one's creativity in entertainment. You can use this energy to infuse your success in work creativity and attraction.

The MC isn't in its true power location in the 10th house but is now in the 9th house where Pisces, Neptune and Mercury.

For your personal zodiac sign astrology reading for the full moon see the video link below.

The Worm Moon

The March Full Moon is when we start to see more earth worms at work. The soil is getting warmer and still in the beginning phase of Spring. This full moon is sometimes and in some locations concerned the last full moon on winter.

The Wellness Talk:

Each sign is assocites with a body part and organs. For Libra these are organs are Kidney, Ureter, Urinary Bladder, Veins, Skin and Buttocks. A short or long relaxing and relaxing practice of Reiki, Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation or EFT Tapping can be balance before any other practice or fun event you may do on the Full Moon. It's beleived that people are more emotional, bold or do risky things on the Full Moon without even knowning the mind, body connection and infulence of the moon on our body. For people who work on thier emotional well-being, the Full Moon experience isn't chaotic. Insteady, it's beneficial to our goals and personal enjoyment. Knowing how to use the energy of the high moon can help us on so many spiritual levels and in our day to day life.

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