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Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclispe

The Full Moon in Gemini on November 30, 2020 is also a partial Lunar Eclispe. This being the 4 Lunar Eclispe of 2020. The Full Moon before this was on Halloween October 31, 2020.

The moon cycle of the full moon represents a completion of work that you have been doing in the waxing moon phase days leading up to the full moon.

You can find a meditation that would work best to represent the goals you have completed to give you a sense of happiness.

You can also find a meditation to give you motivation towards completing more goals. Sometimes we might find that our goal is halfway completed and we can maintain the same meditation we were practicing before until the task is completed. On some full moons the feel the need to amplify a positive way of thinking. In meditation for happiness love inner peace consciousness for clarity. During these rough times of 2020 we may find that a meditation of peace love awareness prosperity and a mix of both may be popular meditations. While most good-hearted people want to see a happier or more balanced world, it is important to work on self first. If everyone works on their own spiritual growth then the gold towards a better self, family, community and world is more achievable. The Full Moon suggested meditation is one that combines the energy of Jupiter and Saturn. My practicing yoga is based on the astrology for the day. What I'm personality experiencing, client or world collective experiencing for group meditations. This meditation can amplify a positive results as long as you allow your own personal energy to match that positive frequency. Mercury being the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo will find it powerful to focus on the sextile of Jupiter and Saturn with Mercury. A sextile is an astrological aspect that represents a harmonious connection and can be used as a tool to better facilitate an energy exchange, faster productivity, creation, and overall communications between two parts. Regardless of your zodiac, you can tap into the benefits of these 2 meditations because we have all have the 12 or should I say, 13 zodiacs within us. Everyone can benefit from the meditation. A meditation practice allows us with mudras, thought and other components to match energetically what that particular planet represents. Through visualization connect to the orbital energetic projection of that planet's emotional vibration to us here on earth. This is in short, most spiritual teachings in various traditions of meditation and energetic works. We connect the planetary attributes and align them with our emotions, health and well being in our meditation.A tool to help focus, reflect to learn and overcome personal lessons or challenges. This is one power tool.

2 Meditations: Jupiter mudra and Meditation With the Jupiter mudra we connect to Boosting our positive thinking to be a magnet for good luck prosperity and over all optimistic and happy energy. Jupiter mudra and chest level. Folding both hands together with index finger touching pointing upwards. Both thumbs touching each other at the inner sides, pointing up. If you need a better image you can simply do a search for this mudra. Your mental thought should be projecting your energy up to the sky and up to Jupiter. Eyes closed, eyes looking up to third eye, your thoughts should be to lift your mind to a feeling of everything will work out in the right time. With in 3 minutes of doing this meditation, you should feel this positive feeling within the body. Varun Mudra: Pinky finger and thumb touch with the other 3 fingers resting and straight. The pinky finger represents the Mercury planet, water element within the body, the blood flow and all liquids in the body, skin conditions, just to list a few. For the mind it helps with clear and more intuitive communication. For this meditation you are focusing on clearer communication a more intuitive mind and to help balance your body's fluid circulation to the mind as you project up. Doing the Jupiter mudra and Meditation after this meditation, should help you be more successful. Just when you think everything was clear, here comes another twist. Over my many years of studying meditation and various spiritual beliefs I've come to find that based on some traditions, there's no meditation or yoga practiced on lunar or solar eclipse. If you feel intuitively that you do not want to meditate under any eclipses then this practice is good for you...No meditation? Ok, Practice meditating without actually meditating. How-do-you-do that? Being Calm All Day:

Trying your best to not priya to any stresses of the day and allowing your mind to let go of any disturbing thought or experiences and one minute or less. This isn't an easy technique and as best done with people who have been practicing mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness Meditation:

You can also practice mindfulness meditation on eclipse days. This form of meditation can be done walking in the park, sitting on a park bench observing the day or as you go through your day observing your own thoughts, behaviors and others. The key is to try and let go of any negative thoughts and feelings within one minute or less. A simple breathing technique of inhaling and exhaling to let go of any disturbing emotions. The best way to master this technique just like many other techniques is from daily practice. I hope that this was helpful to you in your meditation practice. Join me in local classes or online. Wish I knew the vest and a year of meditation practice and journey.

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