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Health and Well-Being Full Moon in Virgo

Health and Well-Being Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021.

The Full Moon of Healing and health is the moon in Virgo. This Full Moon in Virgo on February 27, 2021 is a time to check in on self well-being. Asking questions and being honest and in the moment. How do I feel? What am I eating? I am making the best choices? There's no need to rush but there's a need to act in good timing to take steps to do what is best for yourself. This is a great time to do your research, ask for professional help and guidance before moving forward. Virgos are known for being organized along with excellent attention to details in completing their task to the best of their ability. The Full Moon has Virgo in the 9th House of Sagittarius and the MC. Great attention will be on your career and public image as well as legal matters, travel, moving and other issues that govern Sagittarius and the MC. Some of this energy will echo into the start of February. A need for finding balance within your personal and public life and how you communicate will be another factor to consider this Full Moon. Take time to see all the good that has happened leading up to this Full Moon and set some positive intention. If you still need to be working on that intention you may have set on the past New Moon, use these days after the New Moon, which are waning moon days, to limit all your distractions and get more of your goals accomplished. Use this Full Moon to review what has happened, where you wish to be in the future and how to get there. The best way to move forward is to be and feel balanced.

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