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Learning From The Wolf in Winter

A research and thought for this full moon as it is named after the Wolf. In life everyday is survival. How we spend our day, how we prepare for that day & the days to come. These are things we do if we're wise enough to do so while hopefully finding some joy in the day. The four seasons share their own needed actions of survival. We take on these challenges and lessons because at our core we want to enjoy our life & share that happiness with those that love us in return. Creating our own wolf pack in our journey through life. This full moon greets us in the season of winter & I've taken the time to learn about the wolf in winter. In Winter the thick coat of the Wolf keeps it warm in the cool nights where no body heat is loss. The Wolf keeps its feet in its nose warm by covering its nose with its long tail. Each exhale holds the warm air. This brings me to a simple thought of how we care for ourselves at the basic but fundamental level, physically protecting yourself from the harshness of winter, & the importance of energetically shielding.

Let's focus on the physical body. The Wolf knows the importance of our body's carriage which is the feet. The root of our foundation. Maybe try reflexology. Self massage. Self care. Self love. We're under a Leo moon which governs certain parts of the body which includes the heart, aorta, blood pressure & blood circulation. A relaxing and soothing practice of self reflexology. Be your own feet whisper & give a gentle caress to your entire feet with extra attention to any area you feel needs it. In Chinese reflexology the heart point Is in the top right quadrant of the left foot. In the palm of your left hand, gently massage in the area in between your ring and pinky fingers. This isn't to be confused with the 7 pressure points related to the heart. Incorporate reiki & positive affirmation.Find your way of finding gratitude for warmth, all that you have and taking the time to be kind to your physical body, spirit and mind.

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