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Meditation for the Last Quarter Moon

Sunday, November 8, 2020 is the Last Quarter Moon. You can use this day to meditate on releasing negative thoughts, feelings or habits. This day is in the middle cycle of the waning moon where the moon is moving away from the earth. In spiritual teachings and practices we can use this energy to remove limiting or negative things, physical or energetic. Seven days after the Last Quarter moon will be the New Moon.

Doing a cleansing type of meditation or physical Yoga, Qigong or Tai Chi, etc, is getting your body and mind ready for whatever your spiritual intentions will be for the New Moon. The New Moon is the new cycle of the moon. When we set a New Moon intention, we’re setting ourselves in harmony with the flow of the day, planet and universe. We’re mentally making ourselves stronger for our daily task and hopefully enjoyment. Going back to the Last Quarter moon, we’re releasing any bad habits, weak actions, negative thoughts that limit us or lessen our energy.

What does a practice like this look like? I’m glad you asked. A well rounded practice can be done both standing and seated. The waning moon is the ideal time to reassert, reevaluate, release and rejuvenate. We can look at this practice as mindfulness meditation for 30 minutes. You can have a pen and paper and write (shortly) down what comes to mind and quickly go back to your meditation if you’re worried you may forget all that comes up during your meditation. The key is not to write a paragraph, just one sentence or phrase. Then find a meditation that best suits your current situation.

Here are some powerful keywords to think of when looking for a meditation to do.

Meditation to:

Remove fear

Remove negativity

Reverse negative thoughts attitude

Remove other people’s negative energy

Remove stress and worry

Negative mind

Overcome a negative mind

Clear negativity and past emotions

Release fear and sadness

Release Negative Mudra Meditation

Find a comfortable space where you will not be disturbed in your home. Sit in lotus pose or other comfortable pose. You can close your eyes or keep them open. If your eyes are open, try facing a blank wall. Slow your breathing down for 3 minutes. Inhale for 3 breaths and exhale for 5 breaths.

This mudra is believed to help remove negative thoughts, patterns and habits.

Hand Mudra: Karana Mudra

With both hands: Middle and Ring Finger touch Thumb

Pointer and Pinky Finger are straight up.

Forearm is bent, palms facing forward.

The Left hand mudra will benefit the right side of the body and the right hand mudra will benefit the left side of the body.

You can do this for 45 minutes in one sitting or 15 minutes when you wake up and for 15 minutes before you go to sleep.

Body Benefit:

Cleansing, purifying to bladder, colon, large intestine,

Detoxify body and mind

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