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New Moon in Aquarius says Shake of The Past

Happy New Moon in Aquarius!!!

February 11th 2021, the New Moon in Aquarius

is the perfect time to think about where you want to be in the future.

First, make the time tomeditate, take a spiritual cleansing bath, cleanse your home and space, relax, clear the mind, re-focus, let it go and do what is healing for you. Find the right ritual for you to do to shake of the past. You were in that moment and now it's time to heal and let it go with self-love, extending love and peace. The Aquarius spirit and energy can see what needs to be done even if others around you can see it. This can be frustrating and at time heart-breathing. Not everyone will want to do what is right, best or caring and you have to make peace with that. If you've been through a challengeing situation leading up to this New Moon, you're not alone. You can renew in the celebrations around this New Moon. We're still in the start of the New Year and you can use this time to clear away everything you've been going through. This New Moon on the 11th Thursday will then be followed by the Lunar New Year on the 12th Friday. This celebration is filled with renewal and more self and worldly awakening!!! Make time for you. Pause and feel thankful for all that you still have. Set positive self affirmations, this is another way of blessing yourself. You're powerful so be powerful by working on improving yourself by how you feel about yourself. This year, 2021 will be another year of working through most of what happened last year. This New Year calls on your best self and it all comes from within.

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